Material Considerations


(Extracted from the City of Edinburgh Council’s website)

Planning is about the development and use of land and buildings so any comments made on applications should be relevant to this. These are called ‘material considerations’. If you submit comments which are non material they will not be taken into account.

What you can comment on

Comments which are relevant to planning issues, such as

  • contrary to the Local Development Plan or Rural West Edinburgh Local Plan
  • traffic and parking
  • appearance of the area
  • impact on a conservation area
  • setting or character of a listed building
  • loss of significant landscape features
  • noise and disturbance
  • effect of cooking odours
  • loss of sunlight or daylight
  • overshadowing
  • privacy.

These are known as material considerations.

Comments will not be considered on non relevant planning issues, such as
  • loss of private view
  • effect of the development on property values

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