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What does Ratho and District Community Council do and who are they?
Members of the Community Council are elected for a period of 3 years.  We are group of people (all volunteers) who care about our community and want to make our area a better place to live. We have an important role in local democracy.
We represent the views of local people on Neighbourhood Partnerships and to the Council.  The Community Council covers an area which spans two Neighbourhood Partnerships, Almond (north of the M8) and Pentland (south of the M8) (see map of all Neighbourhood Partnerships ).

We are constituted and governed by the City of Edinburgh Council’s Scheme for Community Councils

The Scottish Government has also developed a website of information about Community Councils at www.communitycouncils.org.uk

We are always keen to hear from local residents, and want more people to get involved in our work. We meet once a month, and in between our meetings organise local projects that help the community or improve the area.  Local interest groups may nominate a member to serve on the Community Council;  the Community Council may co-opt associate representatives.

The Community Council area is represented at higher democratic levels by 6 City Councillors (3 for Pentland ward and 3 for Almond ward), 2 MPs (Edinburgh West and Edinburgh and 2 MSPs (Edinburgh Western and Edinburgh Pentland Hills) and an MEP.  All these elected representatives are ex officio members.